Enhanced Interview Schedule

Ari BluesteinNot only will I be on the Region Buzz Sports Show for the third consecutive air-cast, but I will be adding a new radio show to my schedule for at least this week.  Ari Bluestein, CEO of SportsFanBase and host of The Other Side on the Sports Journey Radio Network, has asked me to join him at 10:30 a.m. EST this Wednesday, July 9.  You may listen to the show live by going to the Sports Journey Radio Network website, where there should be a link to connect.  If you have specific questions that you want me to address, e-mail Ari at otherside@sportsjourney.com or send your messages over AOL Instant Messenger to his screen name: TheOtherSide0000.

And don’t forget to tune into my appearance on the Region Buzz Sports Show this Thursday streaming live at 7 p.m. EST by going to: http://www.heyregion.com/.  I will continue to post the most recent archived show on the right hand sidebar of SportsAgentBlog.com.

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