Brian WestbrookCan’t wait to see what the Brian Westbrook contract looks like.  We are talking about a guy who is being talked about as being a potential number two overall pick in many fantasy football drafts this year.  He is already on his third agent since joining the NFL and seems to like his new agent for what he has done thus far.  Todd France of FAAM (France AllPro Athlete Management) is hoping that for Westbrook, the third time is a charm.  France just finished negotiating a new 3-year, $21 million deal for his client.  The contract contains six pages with an additional fifty-two page addendum. I feel like a law school professor could teach a sports law class on that contract alone.

Here is a fabulous quote from France regarding the negotiations:

“We ran into so many obstacles,” France said. “The 12-month rule, the 30-percent rule, capped years, uncapped years, the Deion rule, and a 29-year-old running back who just fired his agent after nine months of negotiations. How are we going to fit together all these pieces of the puzzle? My first call to Joe [Banner, President of the Eagles], I said, ‘What am I getting into?'”

Brian gave me three goals – the guaranteed money, the three years and a maximum number. The first thing he said to me tonight was, ‘You got me all three things. How can I be anything but happy?’

$13 million is guaranteed over the next two years and Westbrook may receive a total of $21 million if an additional year is played with the Eagles.  With escalators being reached, that number could be bumped up to $24 million.  Early signs indicate that Westbrook will be happy in his third marriage to an agent and that Todd France just gave his client everything he asked for.