Andy Oliver Update

Andy OliverTired of Andy Oliver news yet?  Not up to speed on everything that has gone on?  No worries, you can read all of our previous posts on the Andy Oliver issue by clicking here.  Latest news that I received from Andy Oliver’s attorney this weekend (Richard G. Johnson) is that the complaint against the NCAA has been refiled and there has been a temporary restraining order (TRO) issued against the NCAA.  What that means is the NCAA must immediately reinstate Andy Oliver’s collegiate eligibility.

Directly from the order granting a temporary restraining order:

This Court finds that the Plaintiff will suffer immediate and irreparable harm, if this Court does not grant the preliminary injunctive relief sought herein, there is a certain threat of the same, and the Plaintiff’s remedies at law are therefore inadequate for that reason.

This Court finds that of great importance is the continuing and ongoing damage to the Plaintiff’s reputation, and the fact that he will again be subjected to his classmates disapproval and scrutiny, when he restarts school on August 18, 2008, if this injunctive relief is not immediately granted.

The TRO will last for twenty-eight days following the order granted by the Court on August 15th.  It may be extended at its conclusion.  This is definitely a win for Team Andy.  Now they will go on offense and try to get some of their complaints through the system.

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