Jeff Borris, the agent of record for Barry Bonds, is nothing short of persistent.  Even though Bonds has not received a Major League deal from any teams, Borris continues to put his client’s name in the paper and has no problem expressing his displeasure in the lack of interest in Bonds.  Borris most recently attempted to get Bonds a deal with the Tampa Bay Rays.  The team seemed like the perfect fit.  They are in contention to win the AL East or Wild Card, have suffered numerous injuries, and as an American League team, can use Bonds in the DH position.  The only problem: Tampa Bay GM, Andrew Friedman, is not returning Borris’ text messages.

“With (Carl) Crawford and (Evan) Longoria going down simultaneously, I thought I’d make one last vain attempt to reach out to Tampa Bay, and to no avail,” Borris told

And then Borris returned to his normal shpiel…that of collusion.

“That’s because Major League Baseball has been successful in their pursuit in blackballing Barry out of the game.”

In the midst of all of this, Borris may be burning bridges with Tampa Bay execs by going public about his text message campaign.

“I’m not sure what Jeff Borris is trying to accomplish by saying he sent me a text message,” Friedman said. “But our longstanding practice is not to comment on anything speculative.”