Everyone has their two-cents on the story about a nine-year-old boy, Jericho Scott, who was told by his youth baseball league that his stuff on the mound was too damn good that he was not longer permitted to play in the organization.  The league wants Jericho’s team to be terminated and redistributed to other teams already established within the league.

So basically, the situation we have here is that a kid is so good compared to those at a comparable age that he has been ostracized and told that he cannot play in a private league.  Legally, there is nothing wrong with that.  There are other leagues that the kid may join.  Tons of kids who are not good enough to make teams are told year in and year out, “sorry, but we do not have a slot for you.”  When I did not make my high school tennis team, which is a public school teams, I felt hurt, but I knew that if I wanted to continue to play, there were other options out there.

The fact of the matter is that Jericho’s 40 mph fastball may be too much for opposing hitters in the league.  The solution is that he will play in a more competitive venue.  As an aside to this whole mess: how many of you think that there is at least one sports agent/agency contacting this kid’s family right now in an effort to create a relationship at an extremely early age?  When eighth graders are signing with college basketball programs, I would not be surprised to hear that Jericho Scott is already being recruited by agents and/or colleges.