Xavier Henry Will Be A Tiger

You heard it here first.  I had the privilege of watching Xavier play live at the AAU Championships in Orlando, FL back in July and the pleasure of speaking with him briefly after one of his games.  The AAU Athletes First team member told me, at the time, that he was between Kansas, UCLA, Memphis, and UNC.  Originally, I believed that Kansas had the best shot at securing Henry, who is definitely one of the best high school players in the country at this moment.  Later, I changed my mind to Memphis.  Today’s news reaffirms my belief that the Memphis Tigers are winning the race for obtaining Xavier Henry’s services.

Xavier Henry has a brother named C.J., who is in the New York Yankees organization.  When a player signs with a club after getting drafted, often times, the MLB team will offer a signing bonus along with an additional education bonus so that if said player decides that he wants to obtain his college degree at a point in the future, the team will pay for his enrollment.  This bonus is obviously not available for a player who has graduated college and is selected after receiving his degree.  Anyway, C.J. has decided to use his educational bonus and recently became a Memphis Tiger.

C.J. will play basketball for the Tigers.  He was a solid player in high school, and actually committed to Kansas before deciding to sign with the Yankees.  Why would his brother, Xavier, not do the same exact thing?  Memphis is one of, if not the best, college basketball programs in the country.  The Tigers have expressed interest in Xavier, and I am led to believe that a big reason they want C.J. is to strengthen their chances in acquiring Xavier.  By next year, I think that you will be looking at two Henry’s proudly wearing blue and white.

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  • Represent it

    since you spoke with him do you see yourself landing him in the future? what kind of things did you speak with him about to get your “foot in the door.”

  • MemphisBlues

    “proudly wearing the blue and white”??? Our colors are blue and gray.

  • Told ya so! 🙂