Agent Spotlight: Kyle Rote Jr.

Kyle Rote Jr. is a man who has lived a very full life.  He is currently in his late 50s, but as a young child, was probably heavily influenced by his father, who once played for the New York Giants.  A lot of people talk about athleticism running in a family.  The Rote family may definitely be used as an example.  Rote Jr. played some football, but really excelled in the sport of soccer.  He performed in the North American Soccer League for eight years before hanging up his cleats in 1981.  Since retirement from professional soccer, Kyle Rote Jr. has entered the sports agent profession, and has taken his success along with him.

Kyle Rote Jr. is the founder of Athletic Resource Management (ARM, Inc.).  Rote Jr. currently serves as CEO of the company that you may not recognize at first glance.  Do you recognize the name Jimmy Sexton?  He is the President of ARM, Inc., which is one of the industry leaders in representation of football players and coaches.  Their client list includes Philip Rivers, Jason Whitten, and DeAngelo Williams on the player end.  As far as coaches go, Sexton and Rote Jr. are at the top of the profession.  They represent Nick Saban, Bill Parcells, Phillip Fulmer, Steve Spurrier, Houston Nutt…the list goes on and on.

Rote Jr. will be inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame class in February.  All of us at congratulate him and wish ARM, Inc. continued success in the world of sports business.

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