Back on February 27th, I wondered if there was a market for representing sports artists.  Coincidentally, that same day, contributor Matthew Allinson announced that only one day earlier, he took on a client who is a graphic designer specializing in sports cartoons, logo creation, and other illustrations.  Now I ask a new question, and I highly doubt that Allinson is going to submit a post about it later today…what about representing an Etch A Sketch artist?  I am not talking about any Joe Shmo Etch A Sketch artist here.  The guy has to be the best I have ever seen (Disclaimer: I am not very well versed on the Etch A Sketch) and loves drawing sports-centered pieces.  George Vlosich III has been honing his etching skills since 1989 (when he was 10-years-old) and is most well know for his etch of LeBron James.

His most recent masterpiece is of the Chicago Cubs and took him over one-hundred hours to complete.  George is giving away free prints of the sketch on his website.  Is there a market out there for George?  Is this an area where a traditional sports agent may help out?  Check out the YouTube below, and let me know what you think.