Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

Want to really appreciate life, at least for a day?  Then try to fast from sun-down one day to sun-down the next.  Me and my Jewish brethren (including Ryan Braun, Kevin Youkilis, and others) finished accomplishing that feat last night.  Nothing beats the break-fast meal.  I am back home in South Florida for the weekend, enjoying some time with my family and young dog, Mushu.  I’ll be back up to Gainesville on Sunday, but in the meantime, will be relaxing, working out, and reading enough law school material to not fall too far behind.  Here are some stories I missed this past week:

Sports Business




  • Michael Brantley was recently acquired by the Cleveland Indians in the C.C. Sabathia trade.  His agent, Josh Kusnnick spoke about the trade and life as an agent in a recent radio interview [Smoke Signals].
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