More Leatherman Comparisons

Leatherman compared to who many would consider to be the best pitcher in the MLB. Just carried his team to the World Series. While he is a starter as opposed to a set-up man, Hamels had very similar numbers in the Minors.

What about when we compare Leatherman to another current MLB player who is identical in size and type of player?

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  • John Sikma

    Good luck to Leatherman. I see some of the links I sent helped. Keep up the creative work.

  • BobbyR


    Hope all is going well this offseason. Just wanted to know if you have any updates on your minor league free agents? Will Leatherman be back with the Nationals organization? is Haran going to get a job in affilated baseball? How did Lara do in instructionals? Looking forward to getting an update!

    – Bobby

  • Once Leatherman signs with an organization, I will let everyone know. Lara had a VERY successful time in instructs.

  • BobbyR

    What about Haran?
    Where will Lara start next year?
    A or High A?

    – bobby