Drew Rosenhaus recently sat down for a chat with sports fans on ESPN, probably to publicize his recently released book that I reviewed, Next Question.  Anyway, here are three conversations that I thought were more interesting:

Matt: Mr. Rosenhaus, does it ever bother you that your perception among the general sports public is that you’re an #$#?

Drew Rosenhaus: I would say it does bother me, because I know it’s not accurate. My public reputation is very misleading in that if people really got to know me, they would see that I’m a family first guy who’s all about doing good things for my clients. I’m interested in making a positive contribution to the NFL. I’m in this business to be a good guy, not a bad guy. People were very positive towards me when I rescued a little boy from drowning in Orlando, but forget those things and remember the very controversial topics I’m associated with.

AJ (MD): What type of education would one pursue in order to become an agent?

Drew Rosenhaus: Well, it’s a requirement now a days to have a college degree and a postgraduate degree to represent NFL players. If someone is interested in NFL players, I would go to law school. I think law school is the best preparation. In terms of practical learning, I would recommend interning at a law firm that deals with representation of athletes, entertainers.

Brad (Gadsden,Alabama): Drew, What do you like to do in your free time?

Drew Rosenhaus: Let’s see, in my free time, go out on dates with the lovely ladies of South Beach. That would be No. 1. No. 2, spend time with my family. My parents live in south Florida. My brother and sister are married with kids. I like to work out. I do karate. I lift weights. But I would say I try to find time on airplanes to read comics and Stephen King novels.

So Rosenhaus is a person just like you and me.  He does not like having people he does not know think that he is some sort of an ass.  He is also an advocate of going to law school and interning.  I am not quite sure that he has his priorities straight by putting SoBe ladies above his family, but I definitely understand that it’s a tough choice as a SoFla native, myself.