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2009 Top Offensive Prospects (Draft Eligible)


  1. Mattew Stafford (Georgia/Jr.) -While the Bulldogs may not have lived up to the expectations, Stafford is the best pro-style quarterback in the country.
  2. Tim Tebow (Florida/Jr.) -Tebow is a stud, some may say he may not have what it takes to be an NFL quarterback, but I’m not one of those guys. He does what he is asked, his discipline and leadership will carry over to the next level.
  3. Colt McCoy (Texas/Jr) -I love what this guy has to offer, he’s the second coming of Tony Romo. He still has to polish up his game and coming back to Texas is the best decision he could have made.
  4. Mark Sanchez (USC/Jr.) -Sanchez has fell off the radar a bit, but his leadership, and accuracy make him one of the top quarterbacks in the nation.
  5. Nate Davis (Ball St./Jr) -To most he’s a no name player, on a no name team. But he is putting up huge numbers, can move around in the pocket, and has a rocket arm.


  1. Chris Wells (Ohio. St/Jr.) -While he has been banged up this year, he is still the best all-around back. He has the size, strength and speed teams love.
  2. Javon Ringer (Mich. St./Sr.) -Ringer has been a very pleasant surprise for the Spartan fans. He has exploded this season and has carried the Spartan offense on his back.
  3. James Davis (Clemson/Sr.) -Coming into the season, people were expecting huge things from Davis. But the bottom line is the Tigers just aren’t that good. Still, Davis has all the tools to be an effective running back.
  4. C.J Spiller (Clemson/Jr.) -Spiller is a homerun threat every time he touches the ball. His versatility is what separates him from most backs in the country.
  5. Donald Brown (Uconn/Sr.) -While most have never heard of Brown, don’t be fooled, he’s the real deal. He has good speed and even better vision.


  1. Darius Heyward-Bey (Maryland/Jr.) -Has the size and tremendous speed that the NFL loves. He can jump over as well as run by almost anyone.
  2. Percy Harvin (Florida/Jr.) -Is possibly the biggest homerun threat in college football. When he has the ball in his hands he simply makes big things happen.
  3. Juaquin Iglesias (Okla/Sr.) -Has size, speed, and very good hands. He has been the big play receiver for a few years now in the Sooner Offense.
  4. Derrick Williams (Penn.St/Sr.) -He came to campus as a big chipper, he is leaving as Mr. Versatility.
  5. Brian Robiskie (Ohio. St/Sr.)Robiskie, is a sure handed receiver who is going to make a very reliable slot receiver. He doesn’t have great size, or blazing speed, but he sure knows how to play the game.


  1. Brandon Pettigrew ( -This guy is a stud, at 6’6 260 he’s got the size, hands, can block, and more importantly can make plays after the catch.
  2. Jermaine Gresham (Okla./Jr) -He too has all the tools, he’s going to be a real player at the next level.
  3. Chase Coffman (Missouri/Sr.) -Coffman has been a favorite target of Chase Daniels for some time now, and for good reason. He’s in the mold of Chris Cooley.
  4. Travis Beckham (Wis/Sr.) -At one point Beckham may have been the best of the bunch, but injuries have slowed him down this season. He’s more of a receiving tight end than anything else
  5. Ed Dickson (Ore./Jr.) -Dickson is another Chris Cooley type player, who has the size, and speed to do it all.


  1. Alex Mack (Cal/Sr.) -Mack has been regarded as the top center for sometime, he has the size, power and brains to anchor a line at the next level.
  2. Antoine Caldwell (Bama/Sr.) -This guy has been all over the place for the Tide this season, he has the size and athletic ability NFL teams love.
  3. Jonathon Luigs (Ark/Sr.) -Here’s another guy, who can really move, he gets to the next level and lays the wood.
  4. Max Unger (Ore/Sr.) -Unger is a solid blocker in both the passing and running game and also has the size to hold his own against defensive tackles.
  5. A.Q Shipley (Penn.St/Sr.)Regarded by some as the toughest guy in the Big 10, he is similar to Detroit Lions center Dominic Riola.


  1. Duke Robinson (Okla/Sr.) -This guy is a monster, has the power and feet work to start at the next level.
  2. Herman Johnson (LSU/Sr.) -At 6’7 362, he is another mammoth of a man, his feet work could use work, but he’s a good in-line blocker.
  3. Sergio Render (VT/Jr.) -Has good athletic ability who can make all the blocks
  4. Greg Isdaner (WVU/Jr.)Another good athlete, very good open field blocker.
  5. Trevor Canfield (Cinn/Sr.) -Tough as nails guy, with good speed and feet work.


  1. Michael Oher (Miss/Sr.) -Oher is the hands down best tackle in the country, he was made famous by the book Blind Side.
  2. Eugene Monroe (UVA/Jr.) -Moore is not far behind Oher, he has great feet work, and the athleticism teams love in tackles.
  3. Andre Smith (Bama/ Jr.) -He is the best lineman on the best team in the country, he’s been dominate in both the running game and passing game.
  4. Ciron Black (LSU/Jr.)At 6’5 328, he certainly has the size, he is still raw, but has a lot of room to grow as a player.
  5. Phil Loadholt (Okla/Sr.) -At 6’8 340 he is one of the biggest men in college football, while he has the size teams love, he is not very athletic and has trouble with speed rushers.

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    Judging merely by Nate Davis representing the only non-BCS school, I take it that the comment is left as a sarcastic retort. Notwithstanding Marion, I would like to add a few top small school prospects that can play with any of the above-mentioned players:
    Ramses Barden, WR, Cal Poly
    Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston St. (anyone who follows recruiting probably remember is name alongside Adrian Peterson at Oklahoma)
    Rashad Jennings, RB, Liberty

    Actually, it was not meant to be sarcastic. I appreciate that guys from USC, Ohio State, Oklahoma, etc. aren’t just thrown in there because of the schools that they play for. Paul did a great job judging these guys off of a basis of raw talent.

    Paul, decent job buddy, but where in the world is Michael Crabtree??? He is a redshirt sophomore and one hell of a player. Top 3 pick if you ask me, but I’m no draft expert.

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