Guest contribution by loyal reader and current Q2 intern, Michael Goldman.

While the D’antoni era in New York is off to a vast improvement from the Lenny Wilkins-Larry Brown-Isiah Thomas era, the Knicks thus far are posting a 5-3 record and not all is peaceful in the Big Apple.  The most unsettling situation in the Knicks’ clubhouse is the current disposition of Stephon Marbury.  The agent-less Marbury has been adamant about not accepting a buy-out despite being inactive since opening day, but that stance may be changing.  On Thursday, Marbury met with team president Donnie Walsh to finally discuss a buyout.

Maybe it is time for the aging point-guard to hire a new agent.  According to the New York Daily News, several NBA executives expressed that Marbury needed an agent, and that was before serious talks of a buy-out had been brought to the table.  “Stabury” had this to say at the time:

“Why do I need an agent?” Marbury said. “I’m not waived so I can’t speculate on that right now. I don’t need an agent and I wouldn’t get an agent. An agent isn’t going to tell me, Mr. Walsh or Mr. Dolan what to do. They’re just going to do the same thing that I’m going to do. And that’s talk.”

Will Stephon’s opinion change now that he might be on the free agent market?  According to the New York Post, Players Association attorney Hal Biagas accompanied Marbury to Thursday’s meeting.  Marbury even asked Walsh to grant him the right to talk to other NBA teams, which Walsh is expected to grant shortly.  Perhaps Marbury can navigate the league on his own.  Gilbert Arenas successfully negotiated a new contract for himself, but with the same team.  Marbury showed his business skills by starting a sneaker line in conjunction with Steve & Barry’s, rather than just seeking a sneaker & apparel sponsorship from one of the big companies.  Maybe this initiative will translate to him landing on a new team.  As a Knicks fan I’m sad to see Marbury go, despite the W’s.  Whether he hires an agent or not I hope to see him on the court again soon.