C.C. SabathiaThere has been some talk recently that the MLBPA is suggesting or pressuring C.C. Sabathia to accept the Yankees offer of 6 years and $140 million. For the MLBPA to even get involved in this issue sets a horrible precedent for baseball and its players. I understand that the MLBPA exists to watch out for its players and to fight to put them in the best situation possible, but there comes a point when you cross the line, and for the union to suggest that Sabathia sign with a particular team is that line. While it may bode well for future pitchers, it does not necessarily benefit C.C.

As hard as it is to believe, it’s not all about the money. For some players, staying on their current team, or going to play for their hometown team is worth taking a pay cut (see Darren’s most recent post for a good example). Let’s not forget that regardless where C.C signs, he’s going to sign for a ton of money. I understand $140 million is an extraordinary amount of cash, but $100 million and playing on the team of your choice is a pretty good gig also.

Furthermore, let’s not forget what happened to other big name players that came to New York for the money. Randy Johnson, Carl Pavano, Giambi, A-Rod, Kevin Brown…none of these players had, or in A-Rod’s case have, a smooth, successful duration in pinstripes. New York is a different beast and for some, something they don’t want to deal with.

While I believe it’s way out of bounds for the MLBPA to try and dictate where a player should play, it’s even more egregious that it would suggest money is the end all for the American Pastime.