Now that steroids are being filtered out of baseball, will chicks no longer dig the longball?  Highly doubtful.  But GMs and scouts are focusing a lot more on speed and overall athleticism.  Makes sense to me.  While I am not a loyal student of sabermetrics, I do value stats like OBP (on-base percentage) and OPS (on-base plus slugging).  On-base percentage, a factor in both stats, is highly affected by a player’s speed.  And defense is almost all athleticism and speed.  Will the future of baseball be composed of more Jacoby Ellsburys than David Ortizs?

As an agent, you must also be a good scout of talent, or at least employ a separate scout that will help judge who your agency should be recruiting.  You should always keep in mind what scouts and GMs are looking for.  If there is a trend away from the slower, bulkier power hitter toward a smaller, more agile player, your recruiting strategy may need to deviate from what it has been in the past.