Scott Helfand Of Arrested

Scott Helfand, founder of former Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of Moves Magazine has been booked into jail on a felony arrest warrant for violating the terms of his probation in Florida.  Helfand, a resident of Florida and former athlete agent, was apparently soliciting potential clients in Arizona and not mentioning his former illegal acts (which the terms of his probation required Mr. Helfand to do).  In the past, Helfand stole $150,000 from an NFL player in 2001 and has an active lien of $115,000 that another former player filed against him.

I have stated before that I am a fan of  I also like Helfand’s former publication, Moves Magazine.  It seems as though Scott Helfand is very well connected within the industry, but has had a few mishaps here and there and cannot seem to get past his former issues.  Helfand was sent to Florida after the arrest.  Perhaps he will be released in time to make it to Tampa this week for the Moves Magazine party?

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  • Nicholas R. Adams

    “[He] has had a few mishaps here and there…”

    That seems like it might a touch of an understatement. Steeling $150,000 from a player seems to warrant a little stronger language.

  • Scott has alway been staight up with me and everybody that i know.. What he has done is not right however if he could just get past his original case and make good on Devin Bushs Judgement maybe hell be able to move forward in this business.Remeber everything we do is based on trust and he needs to rebuild that trust in his industry….

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