BJ ArmstrongBJ Armstrong has received a lot of love on this website.  The company that he works for received the #1 position on Jason Belzer’s Sports Agency Power Rankings, and Armstrong was featured in our most popular column, Interview with the Agent.  No doubt about it, BJ was put on the map as an agent by having the opportunity to represent Derrick Rose, the #1 overall pick in last year’s draft.  But his name amongst the agent community was bolstered by his other signings, including getting hired as the primary agent for Anthony Randolph, who ended up also being a lottery pick.  Unfortunately for BJ and the WMG team, Randolph has parted ways with Mr. Armstrong and is now looking for new representation.

The San Francisco Chronicle broke the story on February 1, that Randolph officially parted ways with BJ Armstrong.  Randolph was quoted as saying,

“My people and I decided it was the best for me.  B.J.’s a great agent, but we decided this was best.”

The league mandated cooling period requires that Randolph stay clear from signing with a new agent until February 12 (this Thursday).  In the wake of firing BJ, Randolph’s uncle stated that BJ did not bring enough fire and that whoever is selected as Anthony’s new agent will have to be very, very aggressive. BJ was advising Randolph to be patient in his first season with the Warriors, which is apparently the last thing that Randolph and his family wanted to hear.

A player has a right to fire his agent if he believes that the agent is not doing his due diligence to do anything and everything to help that player succeed.  Do you believe that Randolph made the right decision in this case?  Apparently he and his family had no personal qualms with BJ Armstrong.  It takes time for most rookies to develop.  What are your thoughts about firing an agent based on him not bringing enough fire?