Not interested in sending your clients to Blackwater Worldwide for some good old fashioned firearm training?  What if you have highly controversial clients who like heading out to the clubs that may not be the best scenes for iced out necks and bling on the wrist?  Might want to call in a guy like Julian Jones.  Some call him a wingman; others a babysitterHis specialty is in preparation, and he does his best to steer athletes away from potential trouble.  He has worked with some of the biggest names in professional sports and is a special assistant to the Maloof brothers, who own the Sacramento Kings and the Palms Casinos.

While reading the New York Times piece linked to above, I could not help but think about the similarities between the way Jones and William Wesley are described by the media.  Unlike Wesley, it seems like Jones does not mind the public attention.  I am all for athletes having fun.  They should not be relegated to staying at home in the offseason.  I am happy that there are Julian Jones’s out there to take care of them while they party it up with their people.