Nnamdi Asomugha – Highest Paid Player In The NFL

You may have never heard of him and might not know how to pronounce his first and last name, but Nnamdi Asomugha makes a lot more money than you do.  In fact, he is now the highest paid player in the NFL, making more than household names like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Terrell Owens.  Asomugha has been signed to a 3-year, $45.3 million deal with $28.5 million guaranteed (which he will receive in the first two years of the contract).  In fact, the deal could be worth more than $45.3 million if the average of the top five quarterback salaries is above $16.8 million when it comes time for the Raiders to decide whether or not the team will keep Nnam for the third year.  Additionally, the terms of the deal preclude the Raiders from slapping a franchise tag on Asomugha after the 2010 or 2011 season.

The Raiders are not afraid to spend their money this offseason.  Asomugha’s deal comes after news that the team spent $16 million ($9 million guaranteed) on a four-year deal for their punter, Shane Lechler, making him the highest paid punter in the history of the NFL.

Kudos to Tom Condon for his work in getting these tremendous deals done for both players, who are clients of CAA.  Asomugha switched from Steve Baker to Tom Condon a couple of months ago in an effort to avoid getting the franchise tag laid on him again.  I think Nnam is pretty happy with his decision.

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  • Skippy

    Can u explain why Kevin Grant fired you? Where did the relationship sour?

    • Kevin Grant never fired Dynasty. In fact, Matthew Watkins was with Kevin all day on Sunday. You may want to call up the NFLPA and get your facts straight.

  • DTP


    Professionalism seems to be an aspect of business you are unfamiliar with. The topic you raised, whether factual or not, would be better discussed in an alternate setting. I will not speak for Sports Agents blog, but I will speak as a reader who genuinely appreciates the material Darren and his people put out.

    Darren provides a service which creates transparency within an industry, something I greatly appreciate and more importantly, I respect.

    Assuming you meant well by your comment, I would simply recommend that in the future, use the appropriate medium to conduct your questioning. It seems, leaving a comment on an article that does not relate to your question, is an awkward and illogical way to obtain an answer.

    I am sure you meant nothing by it, but for some it is distracting and could be perceived as disrespectful.

    Thank you.


    Dorian T. Pieracci

    p.s. I am completely aware that my posting has no reflection on the article either, but the Skippy comment was posted here, logically, I followed suit. I apologize for the distraction. And Darren, thank you, keep up the good work.

    • Dorian-

      Thanks for the backing. I truly appreciate it. Skippy does not bother me. I would like to know what makes him think that Kevin is not a client of Dynasty.

  • leah kimberly johnson

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats crazy. if i was his agent i would do whatever i have to keep him