The Chicago Tribune came out with some scores.  Scores are out of 50 possible points.

The good:

  • Matthew Stafford (score = 38).  I have heard from many at UGA’s Pro Day, who say that Stafford truly impressed on the field.  He now has impressed many more with his smarts.  Personally, I feel that Stafford has to do something really stupid at this point to prevent himself from being taken #1 overall.
  • Jeremy Maclin (score = 25).  Many top receivers scored 15 or below.
  • Eben Britton (score = 31).  I was high on Eben before the season began, but was unsure of whether he would enter his name into this year’s draft.  Looks like he made the right decision to fore-go his senior year.  The guy is a beast on the field and put up a very solid score.
  • Kevin Barnes (score = 41).  Great numbers for the former Maryland CB to show NFL teams in his upcoming workouts.

The ugly:

  • Hakeem Nicks (score = 11).  WR may looked upon as the least important position to put up good Wonderlic numbers; however, once you go below a score of 15, there has to be some concern.
  • Andre Smith (score = 17).  When will Smith do something to re-establish himself as somebody that a team should take a chance on?  I am no GM, but in such an o-line heavy draft, I would not even take him first round at this point.
  • Louis Delmas (score = 12).  21 teams were at Western Michigan’s Pro Day last week.  Delmas is seen as a fringe first-round pick.  Will this score make him slip to the 2nd round?