Marvin Harrison Torry Holt

Marvin Harrison vs. Torry Holt

So there are two of the all-time greatest receivers still left out there in free agency, wondering to themselves…Why isn’t anyone giving us a chance? The question boggles my mind just the same. Here, I will break down these two future hall of famers by the statistics, their careers up to this point, as well as their current value. Both receivers have played their entire career with one team and now both are cap casualties looking for a new home. First up, the future hall of famer and Syracuse alum, Marvin Harrison.

Marvin Harrison

Harrison has accomplished so much in his illustrious career that you can mention him in the same breath as a Jerry Rice. Consistency, route running, professionalism, and great hands are some of the things that best describe him. Over his 13 year career he has compiled 1,102 catches (2nd all-time) 14,580 yards (3rd all-time) and 128 touchdowns (4th all-time). These numbers are incredible, especially given the fact he is only 6’0” 185 lbs. Harrison is also an eight time pro bowler and a 6 time all-pro. Harrison is also the NFL single season all-time leader in receptions with a staggering 143 catches.

I can go on and on with the numbers, and there are plenty more impressive records under Harrison’s belt, but let’s get to what he can bring to a team next season. First, he can coach up whatever receiving core he goes to and show them what it takes to be great. Second, he will lead by example and give the team someone who they can go to in the most crucial situations. Sure he has lost a step; give the guy a break, he will be 37 come next season. A one year tender is something I would give this guy in a heartbeat. A team who understands how important a savvy veteran leader in the locker room, will offer that contract. The biggest question regarding whether Marvin will play next year is if he can swallow his pride and play with an incentive laden contract. With a Super Bowl ring already on his finger, have we seen the last of one of the true all-time greats?

Torry Holt

Torry Holt is one of my personal favorite receivers of all-time and it’s because of how incredibly underrated he is. During the last decade, when Randy Moss, Terrell Owens and Marvin Harrison have gotten the majority of the publicity, arguably the most consistent of them all is Torry Holt. People forget in 1999 at the NFL Combine, Holt ran a 4.34 40 yard dash to go along with a 37 inch vertical. What has made Holt so incredibly productive throughout his career is his hands and route running. When I think of the game’s best hands, one of the first names that I think of is none other than “Big Game” Holt. To watch this guy break in and out of his routes is a thing of beauty and a lot of that credit goes to Isaac Bruce.

Holt has some very, very impressive numbers that puts his career over the edge. First, there is the Super Bowl ring. Holt is the only player in NFL history to have six consecutive 1300+ yard seasons as well as the only player ever to have at least 90 receptions six years in a row. Torry also has posted 1600 yards twice and there is only one other player to ever accomplish this; his name is Marvin Harrison.

Not only is Holt one of the game’s greats, he also has a lot left in the tank. Holt is also 4 years younger than Harrison (he will be 33 at the start of the 2009 season). Expect him to be signed much sooner than Harrison because of this. He is rumored to be going to either Tennessee, Carolina, New Orleans, San Francisco, or Philadelphia. When there are guys such as David Patten, Laveranues Coles, Bobby Engram, Bryant Johnson, and Joey Galloway who have been signed before these two all-time greats, it makes you wonder. I know if I were the GM of a team with a young receiving core (Falcons, Giants, Eagles) I would go after one of these two.

Winner – Torry Holt