Head To Head: How Much Do You Really Know About Concussions?

What: Sports Symposium – Head To Head: How Much Do You Really Know About Concussions

Where: Franklin Pierce University Fieldhouse

When: April 24 – 6 p.m.


  • Chris Nowinski – Sports Legacy Institute
  • Dr. Ann McKee – Associate Professor of Neurology & Pathology Director, Neuropathology Core Boston University School of Medicine
  • Steve Bushee – Boston College Assistant Athletic Director, Director of Sports Medicine
  • Dr. Grayson Kimball – AAASP-certified sport psychology consultant and has been working with Getpsychedsports.org as a sport psychology educational consultant
  • Dr. Vincent Ferrara – Founder and CEO of Xenith, a company dedicated to advancing safety and activity through innovation and education.

Discussion: Topics relating to mild traumatic brain injury such as prevention, diagnosis, second impact syndrome, post concussion syndrome, treatment, and psychology of sports. Head To Head is taking place in the aftermath of recent tragedies related to head injuries. Attendees will become educated on mild traumatic brain injuries and the possible effects of sustaining a head injury in sports.

Franklin Pierce University welcomes media representatives from print, Web, radio and TV to cover this event. Interviews will be available before and after the presentation by prior arrangement.

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  • slider1456@comcast.net

    Looks like a great event, all these years we thought we could get hit in the head with no medical issues happening Darren what type of angle would a sports agent take on this how do you address concussion issues with clients , teams and doctors.

    • An agent should inform his clients of the possible risks and the best preventative measures. Providing as much information as possible is key.

  • Mark Picot

    Darren, The retainer like corrective mouth guard used by the N.E. patriots and many other pro franchises, is now part of an NHL insurance benefit. CHUBBS, the workers compensation provider for NHL and NBA teams has taken some encouraging steps to protect their liability to workers comp payouts. Any player with a concussion history fall under this benefit, If this does not put pressure on the NFL to do the same, that ‘s going to be a big problem. We should be at the N.H. event. Contact me if you would like to know more. http://www.mahercor.com