Desi Relaford

Earlier this week, Jimmy Scott’s High & Tight interviewed former MLB player, Desi Relaford.  Jimmy gave me a tip to check it out because the topic turned to Desi’s agents.  Instead of listening to the long clip, I started in that particular area of conversation, which begins around the 27 minute mark.

Desi originally signed Beverly Hills Sports Council before switching to Professional Sports Planners later in his career.  When Desi was released by Colorado in 2005, his relationship with BHSC started to become rocky.  It would take him a couple weeks to a couple months to get calls back from the agency.  Desi felt like he was low on the totem pole, which he says happens to a lot of BHSC clients as their careers begin to start declining.  Desi believed he still had it in him to play professional ball and did not feel as though the two agents (he does not mention specific names) designated to him were truly supporting his cause.  He dropped BHSC and found his next MLB job with the help of his wife.  Desi said that he needed to make a change on representation and that it did not matter who he signed with.  He switched to PSP and is still with them to this day.

Desi Relaford made some strong accusations against BHSC and completely dissed the company’s professionalism.  He mentioned that there was a time where he didn’t talk to his agents for 6 months, even though he had made many efforts to reach out to them.

I bet you Barry Bonds does not feel the same way about BHSC.  I cannot remember a week in the past year that there was not an article published in some paper about Jeff Borris (agent at BHSC) complaining about MLB teams colluding against Bonds.  I bet Desi and others wish they had the same kind of treatment.

And for some old school Desi…