Dynasty Adds Some More International Flavor, This Time To Its Bowling Division

Dynasty Athlete Representation proudly welcomes in its latest addition to Dynasty’s Bowling Division: Jason Belmonte.  Belmonte was born in Orange, New South Wales in 1983.  He was raised in Australia and currently resides in Sweden. Jason is one of the world’s leading ten-pin bowlers.  He is known for his unique bowling style, the two-handed “shovel.”

Belmonte has already garnered plenty of media inquiries since coming across the pond to participate on the Lumber Liquidators PBA tour.  “Belmo” has appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and Fox and Friends in the recent weeks, as well as a front page story in the Wall Street Journal.  Jason has also been recognized on ESPN’s Around the Horn.  He recently won his first PBA title by beating out Michael Fagan at the Bowling Foundation Long Island Classic, Belmonte’s TV finals debut.

In ’00 Belmonte became the first Junior Australian to shoot 300 overseas and also won five Gold medals at the Junior National Championships.  In ’01 he was the Australia Day Orange Junior Sportsperson of the year, which he followed up the next year by winning the Senior Award, as well as the Orange Sportsperson of the Year (he repeated in ’03 also).  The years ’02 and ’04 were filled with medals Belmonte won at the Commonwealth Championships in Scotland, WTBA World Youth Championships in Thailand, Asian Youth FIQ in Hong Kong, World Youth FIQ titles in Guam, and the World Tenpin Masters.

2005 is when Belmonte began to compete around the world with victories and top five finishes in Kuwait, Asia, and Europe, and 3 major wins and a top five finish in all but one event at home in Australia.

As of 2008, Belmonte has bowled 33 perfect 300 games and has appeared three times on the Matchroom World Masters (3rd in ’05, 5th in ’06, and 1st in ’07).

Jason Belmonte and Dynasty are eager to build upon 2009’s first PBA title and are looking forward to many more to come.

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