In response to my recent article, CAA Is Going To Kill The NFL Draft, reader Kam asked,

Also do you think BEST with their never ending capital who were buying agents/agencies out are disapointed by this year’s draft? I kind of remember that this article was published on here saying BEST were the top agency in terms of money,power,clients etc. I may be wrong here. Not sure?

My answer, at the time, was that BEST should not be disappointed in their own performance leading up to this draft.  The cards have not yet been dealt, and Joel Segal et al. should have success.  Unfortunately, things turned a little sour for Segal and BEST yesterday.

Yesterday’s announcement that Percy Harvin and Brandon Tate tested positive for marijuana during the NFL Combine does nothing to improve either WR’s draft stock.  Being able to track Percy from day 1 on UF’s campus, a common thread from teammates and coaches regarding Harvin is that he does things his way, and there’s no compromising.  I have also heard that his work ethic leaves a lot to be desired.  It’s too bad, considering that Percy probably has the best tools for a wide-out in this entire draft.

Interestingly, both Percy and Tate are clients of Joel Segal at BESTBrandon Thorn currently has Percy going mid-late first round and Tate being selected in the beginning of Day 2.  Will this news change their draft positions?