Jason Belmonte On ESPN E:60 This Tuesday

7:00 p.m. EST tomorrow (Tuesday), tune into ESPN to watch this week’s episode of E:60.  As shown above, Dynasty client, Jason Belmonte, will be featured on the program.  The trailer alone should be enough to get you interested in tuning in.  Here is what ESPN has to say about the segment:

In the tradition of great sports innovators like Dick Fosbury, who revolutionized the high jump, and Bill Walsh, inventor of football’s West Coast offense, a 25-year-old Australian named Jason Belmonte is taking the bowling world by storm with a revolutionary technique in which he bowls using both hands. Belmonte is challenging his sport’s history and redefining what it means to be a bowler. E:60’s Jeremy Schaap chronicle’s Belmonte’s development of the technique, which he began at 18 months of age in his parents bowling alley. Belmonte’s two-handed bowling is now spreading to all corners of the globe.

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