I was born in Florida, raised in Florida, earned a Bachelors of Arts degree at the University of Florida, and I am going into my third and final year of law school at the University of Florida.  There are many reasons for my choosing to go to UF for law school, one of which being the hope that it would help with recruiting Gators in the future.  I professed my desire to represent Gator athletes to my school’s newspaper, and hope to make it a reality quite soon.  While I understand that I will be recruiting at one of, if not the biggest powerhouses in terms of collegiate athletics, in the entire U.S., I think that I have a distinct opportunity to make some headway soon.

Guys like Albert Elias give me hope.  Albert also went to a school with one of the biggest athletic programs in the nation.  In fact, his school is an SEC rival of my own.  He completed his undergraduate degree at LSU and also went to law school.  Since graduating, Elias has used his connection to LSU to his favor.  He and his company, Elias Sports Management, currently represent 11 NFL active players who are from his alma mater.  Jarvis Green is probably his most popular client.

Now, if only Tim Tebow were reading this post…

(Albert and his client, Herman Johnson, are pictured below)

albert elias