People love Top 10 lists.  Not sure why, but I see them sprout up across all industries.  Anyway, recently put together a Top 10 list for sports agents.  I am not exactly sure what criteria the site used to pick their winners, but at least they referenced as a source.  Anyway, here is how their rankings went down:

  1. Scott Boras – Scott Boras Corp.
  2. Arn Tellem – WMG
  3. Tom Condon – CAA Football
  4. Drew Rosenhaus – Rosenhaus Sports Representation
  5. Don Meehan – Newport Sports Management
  6. Ben Dogra – CAA Football
  7. Eugene Parker – Maximum Sports Management
  8. Mark Steinberg – IMG Golf
  9. Joel Segal – BEST Football
  10. Bill Duffy – BDA Sports