David Falk Is Happy With Representing One Player In This Year’s Draft

Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress.com recently sat down with basketball agent, David Falk, following Givony’s review of David’s new book, The Bald Truth.  Givony first probed Falk to answer questions regarding his book: what motivated Falk to write The Bald Truth, whether he took peoples sensitivities into consideration when writing it, feedback since publishing, etc.  He did not intend to use the book as a recruiting tool, which is good to hear.

Falk later said that he has never had a runner and never will, Georgetown U is not going to be re-named Falk U anytime soon, and that a lot needs to be done to clean up the agent business.

The interview is rather long, but very interesting.  Falk is often quoted in papers regarding many of his thoughts, but his voice is rarely recorded for the public to hear his statements straight from the source.  There was one small bit of humor in an otherwise very serious discussion, when Falk said,

“I’m a dinosaur, and I want to be a dinosaur, but I don’t want to be extinct.”

I wish Falk and his client, Toney Douglas, luck in the upcoming draft.  I saw Toney play this past season, and I agree, he will probably not be that high of a pick, but Toney should have a very successful NBA career.

You may hear the interview in its entirety, below.