BESTLon Rosen was one of William Morris Agency’s favorites.  He had a long career as one of the head honchos at WMA, but like many of his colleagues, had the plug pulled on his career with the company when WMA recently joined forces with one of its rivals, Endeavor.  You could not have believed that Rosen would be jobless for long.

One of the best (pun intended) at gobbling up superstar employees/agencies in order to expand its own operations is BEST (Blue Entertainment Sports Television).  And BEST, an entity of Blue Equity, has hired Rosen and given him the position of Executive Vice President.

Rosen will bring along with him many extremely popular retired athletes, current announcers, and other celebrities from sports and entertainment that he managed at WMA.  BEST is obviously not content with being in CAA’s, WMG’s, or Octagon’s shadows.  The company continues to grow.