chris houston

Is Eugene Parker so busy fielding questions from the media and having discussions with the 49ers front office, that he is not paying enough attention to his veteran clients?  49ers faithful are getting crabby with the agent, and it looks like readers are not to thrilled with the Crabtree holdout, either.  Whether or not the Crabtree time commitment has had an effect on Parker’s representation of his other clients, I would place a bet on the fact that other agents are using it against him.

Yesterday, Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal reported on Twitter that Atlanta Falcons CB, Chris Houston, dropped Parker for Todd France of FAAM.  I also have to think that something about Todd France being around Houston (France is based in Atlanta) had a lot to do with the switch.  Houston probably saw France and his employees around the Flowery Branch, GA facility quite a few times before deciding to change agencies.

Drafted in the second round by the Atlanta Falcons in the 2007 NFL Draft, Houston has been a solid contributor, racking up tackles along with his two interceptions last year.  He recently missed some time with a hamstring injury, but as long as he is healthy, I expect a big year out of him.  Todd France is hoping that my expectations are right on.