Want To Be A UFL Agent?

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Want to be a registered agent in the newly formed United Football League (UFL)?  In the past, there was a simple single sheet questionnaire to fill out, but many potential agents complained about never hearing back from the UFL about their status.  Things have changed.  If you want to be a registered UFL agent, you now have to head to the league’s website and apply for access to their brand new agent portal.

I attempted to go through the application process to get a taste of what they are looking for.  I did not even get past step 2 out of 5 before I quit.  Make sure you put aside a good amount of time if you plan on applying.

The UFL website mentions that registered agents will have to pay a fee to the league to remain certified.  I hear that it’s $250.  The fee pays for the agent portal, which includes important player-specific information — salary cap details, depth charts, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, player transaction details, the League calendar, and much more — and will be the primary means of information dissemination and communication between the UFL and registered agents.

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  • JaQay Carlyle

    Thanks for the info D. Is this a new development? I was just on their website last week, gathering some info for a player I’m trying to help, and saw nothing about registering… You looking at sending any clients to the UFL?

    • It is a new development. We are looking to send a few guys (not listed on the website) to the UFL.

  • Darren

    Good afternoon. The majority of the information on the agent portal is that which is on the public site. The “Salary Cap” section is still under construction, which to me is the most important section.

    The other categories are things that my client and I addressed when we signed (biographical info, medical, benefits, etc…).

    • Jay

      Hello Darren,

      Do players drafted in the UFL have an opportunity to obtain signing bonuses? How about undrafted free agents? What negotiations are done if contracts are given directly from the league and not the member teams?

      Any info is greatly appreciated.

      • – no bonuses are given to any player, that I know of.

        – in the UFL, hardly any contact is negotiated – each player earns a $50K base, with a a $20K bonus for winning the league title and a $10K bonus for runner up. The very few players who were able to negotiate their contracts were “name” NFL vets such as Daunte Culpepper.

  • Jared Fortier


    What are the requirements to become a certified UFL agent? Is the process similar to that of an NFL agent? Thanks for your help Darren, keep up the good work.

  • Jared Fortier

    My fault, I read that. What are the educational requirements? I should have been more specific.

    • I don’t recall. I do not believe it is nearly as strict as the NFL (requiring education beyond a Bachelors degree). It looks like their Agent Portal is down for the time being. I will email a contact I have with the UFL to see when it will be back up and what the educational requirements are.

      • Rob Oden

        Did you get the education and other requirements details yet?

        • They said they would get back to me on it. I’ll remind them.