agent portal

Want to be a registered agent in the newly formed United Football League (UFL)?  In the past, there was a simple single sheet questionnaire to fill out, but many potential agents complained about never hearing back from the UFL about their status.  Things have changed.  If you want to be a registered UFL agent, you now have to head to the league’s website and apply for access to their brand new agent portal.

I attempted to go through the application process to get a taste of what they are looking for.  I did not even get past step 2 out of 5 before I quit.  Make sure you put aside a good amount of time if you plan on applying.

The UFL website mentions that registered agents will have to pay a fee to the league to remain certified.  I hear that it’s $250.  The fee pays for the agent portal, which includes important player-specific information — salary cap details, depth charts, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, player transaction details, the League calendar, and much more — and will be the primary means of information dissemination and communication between the UFL and registered agents.