Arena Football League

Arena Football was never dead.  Even though the AFL scratched its 2009 season, the AFL2, a “minor league” version of the AFL (which was considered a minor league of the NFL) played out its season.  Many wondered whether the AFL2 would just replace the AFL with the AFL’s former talent.  There is no longer a need to ponder that potential circumstance.

The new AFL will return in 2010, and it will include four teams from the former regime.  It will also bring in many teams from the AFL2.  The new league will start with a total of sixteen teams.  That’s a lot of roster space to fill.  I have heard from many agents that they have no clue what the new start-up UFL has been doing in terms of talent acquisition.  Many believe that UFL executives are passing up on clear-cut talent; players who are well beyond the level of many current UFL roster inhabitants.  With the return of the AFL, those agents will once again have an outlet for their fringe NFL clients.

Games in the new AFL will begin in late March of 2010, which means that there is not much time to waste before you should start hawking league execs about your players.

I am not sure what the league is thinking by placing a team in Jacksonville, FL, a city that can’t even come close to selling out its NFL games.  Also, a Jacksonville and an Orlando team?  The markets are really close to each other.