All Aboard The Hawkeye Express

With over 2,340 posts, we proudly can call this site the official sports agent blog.  Jack Bechta, owner of JB Sports and writer at the National Football Post, is working his way to claim the official sports agent vlog.  He has been very generous to those interested in a look into the life of a traveling sports agent.  His latest vlog was uploaded yesterday, and covers his trip to Iowa.  The purpose of his trip was to meet up with current clients and get a peak at some players he would like to one day refer to as clients.  If anything, it’s a cool look at Iowa City, a place I’m sure that very few of you will visit in your lifetime.

The video is below.

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  • Hawk fans bleed black and gold!

    • Seriously. I know it’s Arkansas State, but still…there have to be die-hard Arkansas State fans who made the trip. Didn’t see a single one in that clip.