A Press Release To Announce A Sports Agency

ksmgHere is an interesting tactic, and not something you see every day.  I’m still not sure whether I like the idea or not.  On the one hand, it increases exposure, on the other, it does so at the risk of seeming desperate.  Anyway, enough of my own thoughts, what do you think about this press release by Kaufmann Sports Management Group?

One thing that particularly confused me is the heading under the title:

Kaufmann Sports Management Group in Chicago is more than a sports agent for amateur and professional athletes. KSMG was founded by Thomas Kaufmann to power partnerships with the athletes it represents with a unique approach to fees and services. It’s changing the game in how sports agents compete for talent.

Unique approach to fees?  When I went to their website, which has a nice layout, I found this under the Fees section:


KSMG was founded upon the principle of providing quality representation to professional athletes at reasonable rates. We at KSMG do not feel that our clients should have to pay us a fixed fee, regardless of the amount of work we do. Therefore, KSMG offers veteran players and rookies drafted in the first three rounds the option of forgoing the 3% maximum commission allowed by the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement and choosing an hourly fee package, which can result in significant savings to the Player.


Our baseball clients receive complete and personal representation at highly competitive rates. WE are paid nothing until you are paid the major league minimum salary at which point we are paid 5% of salary received. In addition, we receive 3% of any signing bonus we negotiate and 10% of any endorsement revenue received.

Charging an hour fee for football players is definitely unique, and something I have pondered about offering in the past.  However, no agent in baseball takes a commission on his clients making minimum salary (it is against the rules), so I am not sure about that 5% they assume they will be taking one a client makes that minimum salary.  The signing bonus fee looks lower than normal as does the endorsement fee, so I presume that it is somewhat unique.

Anyway, this post was not meant to criticize KSMG in any way.  Instead, their press release caught my attention (as it is not something you see every day from an agency), so I figured if they wanted the attention, they might as well receive it!

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  • Tom Kaufmann

    You are correct that it is against the rules; however, we do not receive a comission on a minimum salary. I believe that is what it says, though it could be clearer. Tom.

    • Thanks Tom. Best of luck to you and your agency.

      • Darren,hope you’re well. I am more than upset that this “agency” is using the exact name of my firm. Realize we share a last name,but they are also using KSMG. I have been doing this for almost 35 years. Don’t want to sound egotistical but almost everyone in this business knows who I am. I have already gotten 4 calls on this. They are even using the same color blue that we do.
        By the way I guess you are aware that I represent only coaches and General Managers.(In fact one of the calls was from a NBA GM) Take a look at our site if you get a chance. Best Regards

        • Steve:

          It has been a long time since we last spoke and I hope that all is well with you and your company. I am well aware that you have shifted the focus of your agency.

          This is probably not the appropriate forum to handle any issue that you have with a rival firm copying what you believe to be a “tradename” or any of your trademarks. I’d be happy to connect you with Tom Kaufmann if you would like me to.

          • Darren,it has been awhile. I have been pleased at how your site has grown,seems everyone in the Industry is aware of it! Give me a call sometime. You are definitely right,not the right forum.

        • Billy

          The story caught my eye.

          My brother is a highly sucsessful baseball General Manager and is looking for representation. Can you help him?