Potential Winners And Losers In The 2010 MLB Draft

Last night, I was taking a look at the 2010 MLB Draft order, as it currently stands, and noticed a few interesting things.

  • The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have 3 first round picks, 2 supplemental first round picks, and 1 supplemental third round pick, in addition to their normal second and third round picks.  That gives the club 8 picks in the first three rounds.  That’s a lot to get excited about; however, they do not pick until #18 overall, and the organization’s 2 other first round picks are at #29 and #30.
  • The Toronto Blue Jays also have a slew of picks.  They only have 1 first round pick, but have 2 supplemental first round picks, 3 second round picks, and a supplemental third round pick in addition to their normal third round pick.  That gives them the same amount of picks through three rounds as the Angels.
  • The Seattle Mariners are thin through the first three rounds.  They lost their first round pick to the aforementioned Angels (after signing Chone Figgins), and do not have any supplemental picks.  The Mariners better find some value in their second and third round picks.

See anything in the draft order that should also be pointed out?

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  • Interesting that Seattle just traded away so many top prospects in the Lee deal and they are lacking in draft picks. Mariners fans had better hope that Jack Zduriencik has something up his sleeve.

    P.S. Is it too early to start talking about the 2011 draft, also known as the Bryce Harper sweepstakes?

  • Dave Phillips

    Harper is draft eligible in 2010.

  • My mistake. I forgot that he earned his GED and enrolled at Southern Nevada.

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