Former Tennessee basketball player, Tyler Smith, has been able to sign an agent since he was kicked off of his school’s team for an arrest on New Year’s Day, when he was found with handguns and marijuana in his possession.  And recently, Smith signed an agent.  The agent’s name is Jared Karnes and he is with Allegiant Athletic Agency (a3).  a3 is known for its football division, headlined by Albert Haynesworth, and definitely not for its basketball division, but that could be changing with the signing of Smith.

This is Karnes’ first big primary client with a3.  He is listed as the Executive Vice President of the company and is in charge of representation of the firms basketball, coaching, and Olympic clients.  I had an email exchange with Karnes a little over a month ago, when the agent told me that he has sarcastic sense of humor and that he is a Tennessee fan.  Hopefully Smith can bear Karnes’ sarcasm, but I am sure that Smith appreciates Karnes’ passion for Tennessee basketball, at a minimum.

The only other basketball player listed on a3’s website (Smith is not yet listed) is James “Boo” Jackson, a player with good overseas experience.

Tyler Smith is an interesting sign for Karnes and a3.  Smith thought about entering the draft last year, but decided to come back to Tennessee to strengthen his draft stock.  He had a need to show improvement this year for NBA teams to take notice, and unfortunately, he dismantled those plans by getting kicked off the team.  Smith was also born in September of 1986, making him older than many other seniors.  All of that said, even if Smith can’t stick in the NBA, he should be someone who gets plenty of looks overseas.

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