While Dominic Perilli is working hard on the next release of his 2010 NFL Mock Draft, I figured that I would start to take a look at the players he has listed, by position, and see what agents they have signed to help them with preparations for the draft.  Many players will change their agents at least once leading up to the draft; it’s just the nature of the beast known as the NFL.  Let’s start with the sexiest position on the field: The QBs.

The round and pick number below is based on Dominic’s November 21, 2009 NFL Mock Draft update.

First Round

8. Jimmy Clausen (Notre Dame) – Pro Tect Management

9. Sam Bradford (Oklahoma) – Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

Second Round

39. Tony Pike (Cincinnati) – Rep 1 Sports

42. Tim Tebow (Florida) – Athletic Resource Management (ARM)

Third Round

70. Levi Brown (Troy) – JL Sports

92. Dan LeFevour (Central Michigan) – Not yet selected

I recently covered Pro Tect Management and its principal, Gary Wichard.  He would definitely enjoy having his QB off of the board before any other QB.

Nothing surprising about CAA having a high profile QB client.

Rep 1 Sports represents another quarterback you have heard of: Ben Roethlisberger.  Roethlisberger played at Miami University in Ohio.  Cincinnati is close by.

Jimmy Sexton and ARM were able to sneak in and sign Timmy Tebow.  It is known that Tebow was not interviewing or talking to any agents prior to graduating.  The guy played by the rules.  He could use the help of Sexton, who represents Rex Ryan (NY Jets Head Coach), Brian Schottenheimer (NY Jets Offensive Coordinator), Bill Parcells (Miami Dolphins Exec VP of Football), Tony Sparano (Miami Dolphins Head Coach), Jim Schwartz (Detroit Lions Head Coach), and Brian Daboll (Cleveland Browns Offensive Coordinator).

Joe Linta of JL Sports had his client Joe Flacco signed with the Ravens before training camp so that he could compete for the starting job, which he eventually won.  Flacco has turned into a solid quarterback, leading his team to the playoffs this year.  Flacco went to a school not known for producing QBs.  When is the last time you heard of a QB from Troy making it in professional football?

Any thoughts on who Dan LeFevour signs with?  His best wide-receiver, Antonio Brown (who just finished his Junior year) just signed with Drew Rosenhaus.  Will LeFevour join his #1 playmaker?