Yesterday, speculation about the future of UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar ended with Lesnar appearing on SportsCenter to provide details about what had happened to him. Lesnar was scheduled to fight number one contender Shane Carwin for the heavyweight title back in November of 2009, but during his training, he had fallen ill with no explanation for his ailments. After a few weeks of trying to push through his symptoms including pain and fever, Lesnar came to the decision that he couldn’t proceed with the fight. In order to heal and relax, Lesnar traveled to his ranch in Canada where doctors diagnosed him with having mononucleosis. Rumors had circulated, at the time, that Lesnar had caught the swine flu, but nothing seemed clear from a fan’s standpoint because no information was verified. The mononucleosis diagnosis turned out to be a poor one and Lesnar traveled back to the United States to be treated here, where after many studies, the doctors concluded that he had diverticulosis, which is essentially a hole in his stomach – something that should have lead to surgery to remove his colon and leave him with a colostomy bag, essentially ending his career in the UFC.

Before preforming this recommended surgery, the doctors had given Brock a variety of medications and wanted to see how he healed on his own. When returning to be examined, Lesnar had no signs at all of any stomach ailments and after what doctors and Dana White have described as a medical miracle, Lesnar is set to resume his UFC career this summer.

Since Lesnar has been out of UFC action for so long, the UFC has set up an interim heavyweight belt fight between Shane Carwin and former champion, Frank Mir to take place at UFC 111 in Newark, NJ on March 27th. Lesnar is set to face the winner of that fight barring any injury to them where then he would fight the winner of the Cain Velasquez vs Nogueira at UFC 110 instead. Either way, Brock is back and UFC fans who have been expecting bad news for the last few months can take a deep breath because it looks like everything is back to normal for the champ.

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