Free Presentation At the NFL Combine

Neil Stratton of is offering a free presentation Thursday, Feb. 25, at 7 p.m. at the Hilton Indianapolis Downtown. The presentation, titled ‘Building a Successful Football Agency’ is expected to take about an hour and Neil will answer questions that he regularly receives from newer firms seeking to build a practice.  Those subjects include, dealing with how to find diamonds in the rough, how to build relationships with people in the business, how to reach prospects, what a rising agent needs to know, and mistakes to avoid.

Neil will also have a brief presentation by businesses worth partnering with. This presentation is aimed specifically at agencies and agents certified less than three years, or recruiters/young agents considering starting their own firms.

If you are out in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine, this is an event you probably want to check out.

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  • EDJ

    Sounds great! Will it be videotaped and available online?

  • Ryan

    Is this open to law students who will be taking the NFLPA cert. test this summer?

  • @EDJ: Unfortunately, no, it won’t be taped. However, my presentation notes will be available on my site for clients, so come aboard and check it out.

    @Ryan: It will most certainly be open to law students who are as yet not certified. In fact, it’s aimed at those people. Come on down.