Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (2/26/2010)

It’s time for the NFL Combine.  I will be watching the festivities from the comfort of my couch in Florida.  I have no reason to be there, so why travel to a place even colder than Gainesville?  It is currently in the low 30s here.  Spring Training games are about to start, and I cannot wait to see my clients in action.  I will be making my rounds in Florida, while Bryan Swalley will head to Arizona at the end of March to visit all of our guys on the West Coast.  We have recently been approached by a lot of Major League Spring Training talent who are quite interested in Dynasty.  I love how quickly the Dynasty brand is spreading in a positive light, and I thank each and every one of you who are ambassadors for our company.  Jason Belmonte got 2nd place in a tournament last week and hopes to do some more damage in the U.S. Open tournament this week.  That’s my Aussie!  Here are some stories I missed over the past week:




  • Love the Arn Tellem piece, except I am not sure that the comparison to investment bankers works well [They Earn It].

Sports Agents

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  • anon

    Darren – Did you see the story about Kendry Morales’ former agents (Hendricks Brothers and Rodney Fernandez) being investigated for allegedly stealing $300,000 from his bank accounts?

  • Cameron Chung


    I am a senior at Gainesville High School and I will be attending Florida State University in the fall. Looking back, what classes throughout college have been the most beneficial for you in the sports agent business? Also, what type of majors would you recommend? I plan to attend law school after my undergrad.

    • How miserable is the weather today? Good luck at FSU. In college, I enjoyed taking Legal Issues in Sports and my Mass Communications classes. Political Science, as a Major, didn’t do much to help me. Law School = the major aid.

  • Francis Santoianni

    What happened to the twitter list? It was cool