Did you know that Tom Condon of Creative Artists Agency (CAA) has represented 5 of the last 6 #1 overall picks in the NFL Draft?  That is amazingly impressive.  To top it off, Condon represents Sam Bradford, and even though the St. Louis Rams say that they will not sign a contract with their future pick prior to the draft, almost everyone assumes (including Condon) that the pick will be Bradford at #1.

With Condon making his final preparations for the NFL Draft, he found the time to chat with Forbes.com about the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement issues and the NFL Draft process.  Here is one Q&A between Condon and Forbes.com:

Forbes: How does the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement in March 2011 affect contracts for this year’s draft class?

Tom Condon: The expiration of the collective bargaining agreement gives us more flexibility with the contract structure because we have two more years to guarantee for skill, injury and cap. Additionally, we do not have to deal with the 30% rule restriction which applies to contracts under the current CBA. [Rookie contracts previously were restricted to a 30% annual salary increase.]