Now that we have this awesome, free resource that displays agent information for almost every player selected in the 2010 NFL Draft (click here if you haven’t seen it yet, or click the link at the top right of any page on, what should we do with it?  First, it is a great repository of information if you ever need to find out who to contact in the case that you need to reach a particular player.  It also may help individuals decide where they want to apply for an internship.  Additionally, this list introduced me to a few firm websites that I did not know existed – I have since added those sites to our huge Agencies database.

My favorite part of it is that I get to analyze the draft, looking at the winners and losers.

  • By all accounts, Gary Wichard had a successful draft.  However, if a sports agent stock market existed (that’s a cool idea..), his stock would have been on a decline over the past week.  In January, I noted that Wichard had 5 potential first round picks, and that CAA should take notice.  Wichard ended up with 1 first rounder, which is definitely something to celebrate about, but is still no where near CAA.  Three of Wichard’s clients were 2nd rounders and one (Everson Griffen) dropped to the fourth round.  With the draft over, Wichard will have to put some focus on his former client, Brian Bosworth, suing him.
  • As for the aforementioned CAA…the company still dominates the sport of football.  While CAA represented less draft-eligible players this year (by choice) than is normal for them – last year they had 11 draft picks, all of whom were taken round 3 or higher.  All six of their clients were drafted in the first round, including the 1st and 3rd overall picks.  Six of the last seven #1 overall picks have been represented by the duo of Tom Condon and Ben Dogra, who run CAA Football.
  • Eugene Parker and Roosevelt Barnes of Maximum Sports also had quite a day.  They had up the 2nd and 4th overall picks.  While they were not limited to strictly the 1st round, a-la-CAA, Maximum Sports had a total of 8 clients drafted throughout the first four rounds (nothing later).
  • Was 2010 Malik Hafeez Shareef‘s coming out party?  He only represents one drafted player, but that player happens to be the #7 overall pick and former Florida Gator, Joe Haden.  Will this be the start of a successful practice for Shareef or will he be a one-hit wonder?
  • Last year, PlayersRep was listed as a “Mid-Major” sports agency.  With a first round pick in Devin McCourty (#27 overall), is PlayersRep now in the ring with the big boys?  The company had a total of 6 players drafted.

There are many more stories deep within the list of players and their representation.  What are some of the things that stuck out to you?