United Football League Draft Tonight

I truthfully didn’t even realize it until I saw a conspicuous message on my friend’s Facebook wall, leading me to inquire about its meaning.  And then I became aware that today is the United Football League’s Player Draft.  So much for have a strong publicity effort.  I find it amazing that I only first heard about it today and that no one in my “circle” has even talked about it.  I don’t have a bustling football representation practice, but I’m surprised that there has been absolutely no buzz.

Anyway, selections will begin at 7 p.m. EST.  While the NFL has its picks announced live on ESPN and NFL Network, the UFL will settle on posting them on its website and on the league’s growing social networking presence on Twitter and Facebook (their words, not mine).

The draft will last for 12 rounds, but there are only 5 teams making selections, so if you want to compare it to the NFL for time purposes, it’s like 2 rounds of the NFL’s draft without the drawing out by major cable channels.  If every team uses up its max allotted time per round, the longest it can run is 3 hours and 20 minutes.

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  • bevo

    If drafted, I will not play.

  • No way…is the UFL website really down right now?