On June 24, I talked about an MLB where draft picks could be traded.  Apparently, it was not such a pipe dream.  I mentioned that one major hurdle could be the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), which might not be interested in bringing about any significant changes to the MLB Rule 4 Draft.  And a slotting system is definitely not something wanted by the MLBPA.

Interestingly, Michael Weiner, the MLBPA Executive Director, has stated that the MLBPA will consider the possibility of allowing the trading of picks when the Association is bargaining with the owners regarding the next collective bargaining agreement.  Weiner also said that the MLBPA has been behind such an initiative in the past (2002 and 2006).  At the same time, Weiner states that he is not sure that the players will gain any leverage and that if anything, the teams will have more leverage with more options on what to do with the player/pick.

So why would the MLBPA be behind this change unless they were expecting a concession from the owners in return?