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Unemployment Isn’t For Me

There hasn’t been a better than average two-sport athlete since the likes of Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson, but Brandon Marshall may be the next one to join this elite list.  The Miami Dolphins’ Wide Receiver said that if the NFL teams lock out the players for next year’s season, he will try to play in the NBA.  The NFLer said he was good enough to play shooting guard in the NBA, and when asked if he will pursue a career as a basketball player he responded, “not pursuing-I’m going to be on an NBA team.  Seriously.”

Marshall played basketball at Lake Howell High School in Florida.  He said that he will work with a basketball coach to prepare for the lockout – a lockout he is confident will occur next year.

Marshall signed a four-year, $47.5 million contract extension with the Dolphins in April.  How will the Dolphins feel about him training for another professional sport while under contract?

Marshall isn’t the only player to make comments about playing in another professional sports league recently.  LeBron James said that he could play in the NFL.

If there is an NFL lockout next season, many of the NFL players will look for ways to make up for lost income.  The NFL season runs almost parallel to the NBA season.  Will Marshall be the only NFL player that will attempt a crossover to another professional sport?  Maybe Marshall has what it takes to make an NBA roster, but I seriously doubt that the NFL wide receiver that hasn’t played true competitive basketball in eight years won’t reach the caliber of past two-sport stars.

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I use to see him hoop at UCF on the outdoor courts..Hes nasty, him and another football player(i forget who, plays in the league) use to be crazy.

I could see him doing it and being pretty good…

Yeah, he was good and the other player was Mike Sims-Walker (Jacksonville Jaguars – WR).

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