Brian Elfus and Michael Siegel are co-founders of Elfus & Siegel Management (ESM).  The company has been successful in representing basketball players, with clients like Tyrus Thomas, Marcus Thornton, and Connor Atchley.  But Michael Siegel has been interested in getting involved with football representation for a while.

Siegel is listed as an NFLPA certified Contract Advisor with the NFLPA.  He is listed as an agent for ESM, but he might want to contact that NFLPA to change that designation.  That is because it is reported that ESM and Impact Sports Management have combined forces in some manner to represent players jointly under the Impact banner.

Impact is known as a football agency, but actually represented a player in this past year’s NBA Draft as well.  The player is Dwayne Collins, who was the last pick of the draft, made by the Phoenix Suns.  Mitch Frankel was listed as his agent.  The other agents at Impact are Tony Fleming, Jack Scharf, and Sean Kiernan.

Impact is one of those agencies that represents an overwhelming number of NFL players.  Amongst its bigger name clients are: Jahvid Best, Jonathan Vilma, and Shaun Ellis.