David Falk’s Interview With SLAM Magazine

Last week, Nima Zarrabi of SLAM Magazine published a question and answer session he had with David Falk when he bumped into the well known basketball agent at Evan Turner‘s first commercial shoot as a professional basketball player.  It was an unexpected meeting, but Zarrabi was able to ask Falk quite a few questions.  Zarrabi broke up the Q&A into two parts (Part I and Part II).  Part I focused on LeBron James and The Decision, the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement, and William “Worldwide” Wesley.  Part II consisted of a lot of talk about shoe deals, Falk’s vision for his Sport Management program at Syracuse, and

Here is a summary of what transpired:

  • Falk believes that LeBron took a quick hit on his brand equity.  After watching LeBron’s new Nike spot, I have to think that his brand is already in the rebuilding stage.
  • Falk doesn’t think that a basketball player should announce something before it actually happens.  He calls it “a little too modern, a little too social media.”  He would have preferred that LeBron signed with Miami and then had his big press conference about his decision.
  • On Worldwide Wes: “early on in his career had a lot more influence than people gave him credit for and now probably doesn’t have as much influence as people give him credit for.”
  • Falk really does not like the limitations placed on max contracts.  He thinks it limits what the best players deserve and allows much less talented players to earn more than they are worth.
  • Falk does not seem to be a big fan of Isiah Thomas or the fact that the current union is not involving agents much in collective bargaining negotiations.
  • Falk’s client Evan Turner is the highest draft pick to ever sign with a Chinese shoe company.
  • Falk’s first big shoe deal was with New Balance for James Worthy back in 1982.
  • Falk thinks players should stay in school longer.
  • He has no desire to grow a big agency, and calls his operation an “ultra-boutique.”
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