On Thursday, November 11, 2010, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill released an update stating that it was ready to start releasing additional information about the investigation into its football program (the update is attached at the bottom of this post).  The additional details included the following bullet-point: Mahlon Carey, Hakeem Nicks, Omar Brown, Vernon Davis, and an unknown person from Miami provided impermissible cash and/or benefits to UNC student-athletes.  Nicks provided the most – $3,300.

The statement also said, there is no evidence that links them to inappropriate relationships with agents, prospective agents or runners.  That is good to hear.  Last thing we want are agents to be punished without any proof of wrongdoing.

Peter Schaffer represents Hakeem Nicks.  Schaffer is included amongst the NFLPA Certified Contract Advisors who received an letter of inquiry from the North Carolina Secretary of State in its ongoing investigation.  He also is on the record speaking about the Josh Luchs article and proposing a new class for all athletes going pro.  And we know that there is a connection between him and Chris Hawkins.

Todd France represents Vernon Davis.