Every four months, starting on January 1, Dynasty Athlete Representation establishes a new class of interns to help with the day-to-day company work and lengthier projects.  Currently, we only accept college students (undergrad, masters, J.D., PhD, etc. all permitted).  Those students are often taking classes during their internship.

One of our current interns, Michael Goldberg, recently wrote a paper for an internal competition at St. Johns.  His issue was an arbitration case between Jair Jurrjens and the Atlanta Braves.  His task was to defend the Braves in the arbitration and say why Jurrjens is not worth $4.2 million, but worth $3.4 million instead.  Michael is currently a 2L at St. John’s University School of Law.  Figuring that many of you would probably find his paper to be an interesting read, I am embedding it below.  Enjoy, and comments are welcome.